About Us

Background information of RIDEO and the owner
RIDEO is limited liability company (henceforth referred to as RIDEO) that provides a range of services (outlined below). The owner and founder of the company, Marcas, has a Master’s in Education and has worked in various positions all over the world. In addition, his wide-range of experience in traveling and living amongst different cultures for over 18-years, has enabled him to analyze and observe the formation of companies, the hustle that is required to actually create and maintain a company (primarily with respect to interpersonal relationships with managers, workers, customers, etc.), and thus fully appreciate and understand what it takes to make a company work. Currently, Marcas has contributed a large sum of money in personal funds towards establishing the ground-work and foundation of the company (he is currently the only contributor).

RIDEO founder/CEO: Marcas


Vice-chairman: Daniel

Company vision

RIDEO’s vision is simple. To become a leading provider of services globally involving transportation, food/product-delivery, advertising, real-estate, social-networking and job-search services. Ultimately, RIDEO aims to become known as a Universal service provider. An additional vision is to be able to predict the likelihood of success of different sorts of businesses/products all over the world (through the RIDEO Central Intelligence, which will be elaborated upon below and in future discussion).
The business